Double-Hung-with-DogJoyce offers custom architectural vinyl windows providing all the features you want—a greater variety of shapes along with grid, glass, and hardware options. All of our window shapes, including but not limited to half-round, quarter-round, octagons, and eyebrows, are fully fusion welded and available in a variety of colors. For thermal protection, we offer products that employ the most advanced glazing and weatherstripping techniques available. Adding a shape to a Joyce window is a great way to achieve a distinctive look to your home.  Our specialty shape windows are versatile and a great way to give your home that custom tailored appearance.





• Available flat, contoured,
brass pencil, colonial,
diamond, prairie, and
double prairie

• Placed between the panes
of glass for a smooth
elegant appearance



• Decorative cut glass pattern

• Available three ways: frosted,
polished, and mixed

• Available in fi ve patterns:
colonial, prairie, diamond,
double prairie, and decorative